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Adobe illustrator assignment: Game app by JetStrange
Adobe illustrator assignment: Game app
So we had to  make a game app from scratch.. so I made a very old game into a game called "Nightshade"app and I changed a lot of stuff  even that horrible Hub they had. 

All  © goes to Ultra Games 
Waste Vulture(working name) by JetStrange
Waste Vulture(working name)
Photoshop Class Mutant machine

So yea this was another Photoshop assignment :) My first idea was a jet vulture, but it wasn't working at all. So I started thinking more about what to do and I always said that "The vulture is the garbage collectors of Africa" so I made a vulture into a  garbage truck. 
I get a lot of people wanting to add there non cannon SCP stuff and I use to accept them but now that the group is now the Official group I can't do that anymore.

So why am i typing this? I'm typing this because it seems there are a lot of writers on this site and there not being heard...So from that said I'm here to help

The big first this is this.. try to join the offical Wiki page  READ There Guide lines of the page. If you get denied just re read there rules and try again.

(Once you join)
Make a sandbox :) This page has helped me get all my idea in order :) Also if you are finished fleshing out your SCP you can pitch it on the forums :)  BTW! here's my Sandbox Jet Strange :D.

(go to the forums)

Once again this is a good place to pitch your stuff.. I would've said to use the chat room but someone i suggested that to had a really badmouthed about his stuff so that a no go. As for the forums that is a real good place to pitch your ideas and try to get your SCP concept out there. They even have a section for that.
Also I recommend you to post on the Introduce yourself page.

Use the style of the Honey badger

Now I'm going to be honest with you.... You will be critique hard real hard... The Members are pretty much The Gordon Ramsey of writing.. Which is why you need to use the Style of the honey badger.. you must have thick skin when it comes to there critiquing. Here is something else you need to remember... everything has been done.. So if you have something that sounds Similar to an SCP it better me really interesting or get ready for a lot of bashing ( nicely tho because there not allow to just say "it sucks" on the wiki site;)

I hope this help out any of ya... Oh btw! There was a hell of a post on the SCP by WrongJohnSilver :

When I came up with SCP-2460 I didn't start with a chunk of dark matter orbiting the Earth. If I did, the idea would have died in flames. Who cares?

The idea first came to me when I thought about how in stories about walking through walls, we usually have only one thing phasing through one other thing. Why not three things phasing through each other? Why not four?

But why stop there? Why not a thousand? I thought about that a moment and realized that if you've got a thousand items phasing through each other, it gets dense and heavy fast. Furthermore, how would phasing work? You'd need to eliminate electromagnetic effects. But even then, you've got an upper limit—you can't crowd the lowest energy state with everything… unless it's all bosons. So get rid of that spin somehow.

At this point I thought, scientifically, everything would just decay into invisible, intangible degenerate matter, and that's just boring. So, screw that, this is anomalous, it's a bunch of things on top of each other. And… wait a moment, I just described dark matter. What if this thing is dark matter?

In short, I was asking, every step of the way, how would this work? And how would that work? And how would that work?

But in the end, what would I have? A random pile of phased out crap floating in space. Once again, who cares?

So, first, I added a hook about a bunch of different things phased out. Asteroids. Starstuff. Spaceships. Random people. How did they get there? Why were they all phased out? Don't you want to go there and find out how?

So awesome, we're sending a mission. But oops, if you get too close, you're phased out, too! And that sucks, because you can't escape! Uh-oh, there's danger!

But even then, it's not enough. It's now a chunk of stuff in space that kills you. So why do we care? Well, what if it fell to Earth? That would be bad, because suddenly everything on Earth starts phasing out. You could fall through the ground. Forever. So you want to get rid of it? Great idea! But you can't touch it, you can't push it, you can't deflect it. So then I present people coming up with a plan to get rid of it by towing an asteroid into Low Earth Orbit—what could go wrong?

And what does it look like? Wait, there's that Black Knight Satellite picture. An unidentifiable THING just hanging in space like it shouldn't. That would be perfect.

And now I have a story. I've got a researched scientific phenomenon. I've got a curious thing worth investigating. I've got a danger inherent in the thing. I've got long-reaching ramifications. I've got an alignment between cold calculation and visceral fear. I've got a new end-of-the-world scenario. I've got a tie-in to an urban legend. I've got hooks, new ideas, scientific plausibility, enough to make you ask, "What if this is the way things really work?"

The fact that it's a chunk of dark matter in orbit around the planet is really an afterthought, in comparison.

The point being, you don't have to start with the thing, but start with the idea, and build on it. How does the idea work? How are people going to react to it? What emotions are being caused by it? As you're developing that, then the shape of the thing will become apparent. Does 682 need to be a lizard? Does 426 need to be a toaster? Not really. How it operates will depend on what it is, but it doesn't end the story of how you deal with something that won't be destroyed and wants to destroy you, or the story of confusing your self identity with an inanimate object. And it's those stories that make an SCP successful.

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Teaser poster by JetStrange
Teaser poster
Teaser poster for  Viva la Cow

Back in the fifties, two chickens set out on a quest to destroy Kentucky Fried Chicken, and kill Colonel Sanders. They succeeded. It is now the year 1975. McDonald’s is growing as one of the largest food chains around, and is doing well without Ronald Mcdonald. However, there is word of a cow uprising. And if the Mcdonald’s crew can’t stop it, then they are doomed to fail.
Ghostbusters Containment unit info Graphic by JetStrange
Ghostbusters Containment unit info Graphic
Had to do this for class..only few things that sucks is that I couldn't find a good description for the classes... :\
Ghostbusters Starters kit by JetStrange
Ghostbusters Starters kit
This was last semesters assignment where we had to make a mockup advertisement.
So just like the title says its a Starter kit for People that wants to become a Ghostbuster. It comes with 1 Proton pack, 1 Ghost trap, and 1 Ghostbuster manuel.
Photoshop Assignment Mascot by JetStrange
Photoshop Assignment Mascot
So are last assignment was to remake a Mascot I picked McGruff the Crime Dog
T-shirt Design for class
So ya this is my character i made just for Hotline Miami :P the mask is called "shaun" and he was made for a Fanfilm called "Area code 510"


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I am an avid video game enthusiast, I play alot of adventurous, horror, RPG (Role Playing games), And MMO(Massive multiplayer Online) games. I like making Machinimas(movies with video games)I'm going to go to school for post production work(movie editing) sometime in the future for this.Also I like to work with adobe programs like After effect, Photoshop, and Premiere. I can be your best friend or worse nightmare but its how you treat me (err hope that didn't sound assholish). if ya need someone to talk to I'm the man that will listen.

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